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New Art!

Check out the new work we added to Sierra House Elementary!

sierra house elementary art

Jotform is where it’s at!

Quite possibly the easiest form builder in the universe! The auto responder is totally amazing and the support forums are stellar! Oh yeah, it’s all free too… no seriously, no gimmicks- FREE! check it out!


LTCC Faculty & Staff Art Show

Check out what your instructors are up to outside of class!


pride for the craft

The Sign Painter from Scott Mitchell on Vimeo.

Brand new Dopeness

Pop art never looked so clean! The Sphere crew dropped a Rubik’s cube on hwy 50 near wildwood yesterday.






been a minute…

check the new artwork slated for some secret spots on the South Shore!

book look

been a minute

ok, so it’s been a minute since new content went up, sorry bout that.. here’s some fresh inspiration!

the latest

Knocked this one out on Wednesday.. check it at Hwy 50 / 3rd st.

street art is a good thing

I love walking through our little city in the mountains and coming across random acts of radness like these knits! In this case, this one doubles as a planter_- sweet! Thanks to whoever is responsible for these, keep it up!